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Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Jun 26: What You Can Do About The Surveillance Society

We'll reach out to the Progressive Change Campaign Committee and muse about Snowden, our worldwide embarrassment that is the Bush-Obama surveillance architecture, and how we would react if China hacked our text messages.  But most important we'll find out what we can do to make a difference with Karissa Gerhke, Director of Member Engagement at the PCCC.

8PM Wednesday. All with no commercials. And all LIVE on television in Manhattan and on the Internet and later posted here and iTunes and everywhere else..

Plus you won't want to miss this pop-culture barometer: at the end of the show we will play the video of the week's No. 2 (and climbing) Radio Song in the USA which is Macklemore & Ryan's "Can't Hold Us ft. Ray Dalton"

Remember "If it's Wednesday, it's What Really Matters NYC".  

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